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All about strawberry seedlings (frigo)

All about strawberry seedlings (frigo)

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Frigo (frigo) is a seedling material of strawberries, which is grown in special areas of nurseries and excavated in late autumn. As a result of cleaning, appropriate trimming and processing with special solutions for efficient storage, strawberry seedlings in almost hermetic packaging are placed in refrigerated chambers for storage.

Advantages and disadvantages

when using varieties planted at different times, you can get a plantation with a continuous cycle of fruitinghigh cost of seedlings
nutrients accumulated by the plant are fully involved in crop formationthe need to purchase high-quality refrigeration equipment that can maintain a narrow temperature range of 0 ... - 2 ° C
compact seedling material facilitates storage and transportation over long distancesthe need throughout the storage period to maintain air humidity at 90%
a powerful and well-developed root system in the absence of the aerial part provides a quick adaptation of strawberries after planting and accelerates the onset of the active phase of vegetationthe difficulty of obtaining high-quality seedlings in the climatic conditions of central Russia, due to the relatively short warm growing season and adverse weather conditions, often occurring during the harvesting of seedlings
high resistance of seedlings to drought and heat

The choice of quality seedlings

Seedling should be bought in special nurseries. According to European standards, frigo seedlings are divided into several classes.

ClassStandard diameter of a shortened shootFeatures
"BUT"1-1.5 cmWith a smaller shoot diameter, an insufficient number of peduncles is formed
"A +"From 1,5 cmHigh productivity due to the formation of 3 or more peduncles
ExtraFrom 2 cmSeedlings are obtained by growing. Has lateral horns and forms up to 5 peduncles with a large number of flowers

Timing and landing technology

In regions with a warm and mild climate, Optimal soil conditions and a long growing season can be used to plant uterine plants in the second half of February and the first decade of March.

Frigo strawberries grow very well and develop on flat areas and surfaces with a slight slope facing the southwest. Growing strawberries on steep slopes, as well as in lowlands with an accumulation of cold air masses, is undesirable, as it not only increases the risk of diseases, but also significantly delays fruiting.

For landing, the following conditions must be met:

  • sufficient moisture and light throughout the day;
  • fertile, enriched, neutral, breathable and light soil;
  • growing strawberries in one plot for no more than four years to avoid the accumulation of infections and fungal infections in the soil, such as wilt, gray and white rot.
  • digging up seedlings ready for preservation, under optimal soil and climatic conditions, not earlier than November-December.

How to Plant Strawberry Frigo

Gardeners reviews

Many Russian gardeners successfully use frigo technology and always respond positively about it. The main condition is the presence of strong, well-developed, plants that are dug up in the autumn period, and then cooled and placed in storage under low temperature conditions throughout the winter. After planting in open ground from frigo seedlings, highly productive strawberry plantations are obtained.