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Do I need to grind the stems of dill and cilantro before laying in the beds

Do I need to grind the stems of dill and cilantro before laying in the beds

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Dear gardeners, gardeners, gardeners! Today I pulled out dill and cilantro, I wanted to lay the stems in the beds in a new-fashioned way, then sprinkled them with earth. Do I need to chop the stems before laying? Is it necessary to immediately sprinkle with earth or can this be done closer to the fall?


You probably mean to use them as siderates? this is the first time I hear dill and cilantro being used like this ... Write what they give .... Usually, siderates are crushed so that they are processed faster and embedded in the soil by 3-4 centimeters. If you leave it on top, they will simply dry up and will be instead of mulch (in the winter they will, of course, cross-over but the result will be different)

cilantro on green manure?

Alina, so what? Cilantro scares many pests. Then, in the ground before winter, you can bury any grass, except for the sick one. What is the difference where it will rot - on the compost heap or in the garden.

Yes, it's just a pity))

yes, it’s just that at that moment it grows into huge umbrellas, and greenery is coming to naught. Sense from her. It is difficult to dry cilantro; it smells poorly. Well, if only grow on seeds (coriander)

we usually eat while young) does not have time to grow up to the umbrellas, that’s the dissonance)

and if you don’t cut the umbrellas, next year the whole garden in cilantro will be

znach should be eaten right away) so that later it would not be excruciatingly sorry))

Inna, really for what? For the future harvest, too early !!

Just bare stalks of norms into the ground. Dropping whole!? I think under the bushes of currant or kryzh. Im and so it will be good !!

well, probably, to improve the structure of the soil 🙂 Everyone writes: collected everything, laid it in the beds, poured it with earth, in the spring everything was in a bunch. I have doubts whether dill bodys will be able to overtake normally? Or do they not need to completely rot? I have a lot of old lettuce, I already put it in the garden, but again I don’t know when to sprinkle it with earth. And as for the cilantro ... She very quickly went into the seeds, huge nerves. And by the way, this is the only garden where there are no ants. So I have certain hopes for her.

Bury immediately with earth. Expect nothing and no one. I dig in everything that rots in the earth from vegetation. It turns out warm beds. next year on such a bed everything is rushing!

thanks! But dill bodys can be there? If so, do you need to grind them?

I’ve already put dill stems into furrows twice, it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, but the first layer has already overdone and dissolved in the ground, while I walk the second. I didn’t shred it, and threw it. I threw the calendula stalks with faded flowers in such a way, a new shoot of calendula appeared in the furrows, but I think it’ll be drowned.

What does it mean, “while I go to the second one”? I mean, is he still visible in the garden? And then I did not understand.

Inna, one layer has already rotted and left for the earth, I walk along the second layer, but I think in a week it will dissolve.

I'm dumbing something. You didn’t put it in the garden? Why are you walking on it?

the genus of tomatoes also lay in the furrows, but the genus of tomatoes broke.

Sorry for the literacy, I am writing from the phone.

it is clear 🙂 otherwise I didn’t get it at all 🙂 really, it’s possible


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