Description, cultivation and care of a hybrid onion Candy onion

Description, cultivation and care of a hybrid onion Candy onion

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Almost no food preparation is complete without this culture. Candy onions are a very early Dutch species and are easy to grow.

Description of the hybrid

This is an early onion variety that grows from seed in one season. Plant characteristics:

  • Taste: sweet.
  • Size 300-800 g.
  • Diameter 15 cm.
  • The shape is round.
  • Golden brown in color.
  • Harvest volume 5 kg from 1 m2.
  • Ripens within 90-100 days.
  • Shelf life is six months.

The declared criteria for the Candy onion variety are confirmed, subject to the requirements of agricultural technology.

Landing dates. Preparing a site for a plant

Sow Candy with seeds. To obtain large heads, they are planted in greenhouses at the end of March. Or at the end of April in the ground to get medium-sized bulbs.

If you plant the selected bulbs, then they have a peduncle, which does not allow the heads to develop normally.

It is advisable not to grow the crop for 2 years in a row in the same place. It is best if the following have grown on the beds:

  • Cabbage.
  • Legumes.
  • Cucumbers.

The plant does not need special growing conditions. The site is selected in the sun, away from trees and drafts. The soil must be nutritious. To do this, sand, black soil, wood ash and fertilizer for onions are added before planting. The grooves are made 4 cm deep, the distance between the rows is 25 cm.

Cultivation by direct sowing in the ground

Onion planting material is thrown 2-3 seeds every 5 cm. At 1 m2 4 g of seeds should be enough. Summer residents recommend covering it with a covering material to speed up the germination process. After emergence, it should be removed.

Plants are placed on raised beds if the soil is damp, or on level beds if the summer is dry.

Further care consists in thinning, since Candy onions do not like thickened plantings. This should be done when the seedlings are strong. Some housewives leave it in the garden and break it through and use it for cooking during the season.

Seedling growing

To obtain an earlier harvest of onions, seeds are planted for seedlings. In this case, the sowing period is calculated by each gardener individually. Since the climatic features of all regions are different. The approximate age of the seedlings when transferred to a permanent place is 60 days.

The seed material of Candy onions must be prepared by pre-soaking in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To speed up the germination process, the seeds are wrapped in a damp cloth for 2-3 days.

Then they are dried and planted in the prepared soil. The composition should be loose and nutritious. The planting material is laid out, sprinkled with earth and watered with warm water. After tightening with polyethylene. Observe the temperature regime, maintaining + 22-25 ⁰С. The containers are kept in a dark but warm place. As soon as the shoots appear, they are transferred to a lighted place and the temperature is lowered to + 16-18 ⁰С.

Seedling care

As with any plant, it is recommended to properly care for onions. Water, loosen and feed in a timely manner. For irrigation, use water at room temperature, preferably settled.

When watering, make sure that water does not fall on the leaves, strictly under the root.

Every 10 days, feeding is carried out, chicken manure is taken and diluted in a ratio of 1:20. It should be remembered that you should not overfeed the plants either. After the appearance of 2 leaves, the tops are carefully cut off, this contributes to the better development of the root system.

As with direct sowing in the ground, you need to thin out the onion crops. Torn out seedlings are planted in a separate container.

Hardening the seedlings will help them adapt faster during transplanting and reduce stress. When transferred to the ground, onion seedlings are discarded, choosing large and strong plants. After transplanting, the earth is tamped a little.

Carrying out care at a permanent location

It is not difficult to grow onions in the garden; it is enough to carry out the agrotechnical measures familiar to any summer resident:

  • Weed removal.
  • Irrigation.
  • Fertilization.
  • Hilling and loosening.

Weeds in the beds develop much faster than a cultivated plant, so it is necessary to control them. Do not leave the plucked plants in the same place from which they were removed. Since they are the source of bacteria and insect pests.

Water the onion as needed, avoiding excess moisture. Drip irrigation is recommended. It does not allow the soil to be compressed, it remains loose, and does not become covered with a crust that restricts the access of oxygen.

Row spacing is loosened very carefully. Do not damage the onion roots. Fertilizers are applied once every 21 days. Use mullein, bird droppings or complex feeding.

Plant immunity

Candy onions are hybrid, therefore they are not susceptible to pink rot and rot of the bottom. But this does not mean that you need to leave the plant without proper care.

Crop rotation, weed removal and cultivation of beds are used against the development of diseases characteristic of a particular culture.

Dusting with tobacco or ash is used. Against the attacks of pests, infusions of Bordeaux liquid or hot pepper are used.

All infected bulbs are burned or taken off-site.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid

Any summer resident, before choosing which variety of onions to grow, must get acquainted with the presence of positive and negative characteristics.


  • Early ripening.
  • Great taste.
  • Undemanding care.
  • High productivity.
  • Immunity to certain diseases.


  • Poorly stored.
  • Does not produce seed.

Everyone has the right to decide for himself which of the characteristics of a plant hybrid are decisive when choosing.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the Candy hybrid

Analyzing the reviews of vegetable growers gives a complete picture of the advantages of the variety, in addition, novice summer residents find specific recommendations and advice on growing onions in the plots.

Vadim: “I sow straight into the beds. Candy's bulbs are perfect. Everyone goes to salads, until November there is nothing left, so I can’t say anything about storage ”.

Svetlana: “I have been growing onions for 2 years in a row using seedlings. I like the fact that the hybrid is fruitful and tasty, without bitterness. Demanding to watering, practically does not get sick. "

Candy is a godsend for many summer residents, it is unpretentious and gives a rich harvest.

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