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How to set the stage for next year

How to set the stage for next year

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Hello, gardeners. Two beds were vacated, how to prepare the ground for next year? What to process? What is being brought into the earth? thanks



I planted sidirats

I also sowed mustard ... but we have a 35-40 degree heat ... and over the summer a couple of times it rained ... For the second month we fry ... My poor fellow mustard ... didn’t even cut through ... Although I watered it ... Apparently burned (((( (Now I will try to sow it again in the fall ...

Shed with Baikal, then sow siderata. (phacelia and mustard)

Before Baikal, I think it’s not superfluous to cultivate the earth with fungicide (phytosporin for example)

I sowed fatselia, with the same success ((nothing came up even with stable watering, and on the package it says that it rises in drought, probably the seeds are cooked

Well, I’ll do it, and can I do it in the spring before planting ?, and then someone eats onions and potatoes. I am a beginner gardener, I have no experience. Before planting, I did not cultivate the soil, was afraid of chemicals and such a result, strawberries also eat some kind of worm

Yes, I will also do in the spring. )

Advise to lime. Question how?

I don’t know, lime for deoxidation of the soil, according to the instructions on the package. She herself did not use it.

just spread lime on the ground, and that’s it!

I dug up a bed, laid sawdust, food waste, ash, grass infusion, rotted slurry and lime

Siderata is the best preparation of your soil for the next season! Sow oats if mustard does not grow. And do not mow the green mass, and do not close it into the soil, just leave it, it will cover your beds and keep it from frost in your soil bacteria and worms in winter! In the spring, bring ash right on top, and the rain will do the trick for you.

Thank you all and great harvests.

It is pointless to water the bare soil with “Baikal”. Siderat Forever

If mustard goes in color? Nothing wrong, you can not percussive identity too?

and dig in the spring how? With mustard? there mustard grass will drip like a bed ...

mustard rots over the winter, grass from the root breaks off. It can simply be removed from the garden and then dig if you want. We just do not dig the earth at all, we do surface treatment with a plane cutter. This is natural farming, the soil structure is not disturbed, and the roots of green manure do everything for us. Everything grows and grows beautifully. I strongly advise you to try, there is a lot of info on this. You can make one bed by natural technology and look at the result.

I read and watch about it this season. I want to make a couple of beds of these. The first year I have a garden, everything is interesting to try))) thanks!

Nothing wrong! Just remove it in the spring and that's it.