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Hazel does not bear fruit

Hazel does not bear fruit

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Hazel has been growing in the garden for 7-8 years and does not bear fruit, there are female and male. What to do?


Several reasons are possible:
- Varietal 1. The absence of fruiting in the 7th year may be explained by a variety that late enters fruiting;
- Varietal 2. Most varieties of hazel are self-infertile, i.e. pollinated only by another variety of hazel;
- The weather. Female (axillary) flowers can freeze out. To do this, choose zoned varieties or bend hazel under cover.
- Bad pollination. Hazel wind-pollinated. But it can be shaken. In general, the recommendation to prune hazel in the early spring is associated with pollination. If you shake the branches, then more pollen goes to the female flowers.
Do not worry and remember - hazel trees are not dioecious, there are no “female” and “male” hazel plants but their varieties are self-infertile (with rare exceptions).
And yet - hazel bears fruit at a growth of 3-6 years of age. “Old” trunks are cut to ground level in early spring.