Selection of the sweetest varieties of tomatoes for open ground and greenhouses

Selection of the sweetest varieties of tomatoes for open ground and greenhouses

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Sweet tomato varieties can be grown in any region. You should choose a suitable variety based on a detailed description and feedback from experienced gardeners. But in order to harvest a sweet crop, without sourness, you need to follow some growing rules.

Growing conditions

How to grow sweet tomatoes? To make tomatoes sugar and fleshy, it is not enough to choose the right variety. There should be enough nutrients in the soil, and there are also other secrets:

  • the most delicious are varietal tomatoes, not hybrid ones;
  • to add sweetness, fertilizers are applied, for example, potassium or wood ash, contribute to better fruit filling and improve taste;
  • during fruiting, you should not apply nitrogen fertilizers, as they contribute to the growth of greenery;
  • sugar content is affected by the amount of sunlight, the more it is, the sweeter the tomatoes will be;
  • you should limit the amount of watering during fruiting.

Anyone who grows vegetables in their garden can share a list of the sweetest varieties of tomatoes, a description of which is presented below.

Variety of choices among small-fruited species

Sweet cherry tomato varieties are very popular. The peculiarities are that the fruits grow in bunches and are easy to harvest, the skin is dense, protects against cracking and allows you to store the crop for a long time. The most delicious cherry fruits with early ripening limits.

Tomato Sweet meeting belongs to the determinant group of plants. It is recommended to grow the variety in a protected area. The fruits begin to ripen early, after about 96 days. Weight is about 18 g. During ripening, smooth fruits are colored pink. To increase the yield, you need to form a stem and install a support. Those who plant the variety not for the first time note that the plant rarely gets sick.

Tomato Sweet Fountain F1 is an indeterminate hybrid that is recommended to be grown in a greenhouse. It belongs to the early maturing species; it starts bearing fruit after 96 days. Red-scarlet, elongated fruits weigh 20 g. Care requires the establishment of support and the formation of the stem. Actively resists fusarium.

Tomato Sweet sea buckthorn is an early maturing hybrid that is grown both in closed and open beds. The fruits can be served in 83 days. Low-growing bushes belong to the determinant group, height is about 82 cm. Round orange fruits weigh 30 g. Sugar tomatoes and contain a lot of beta-carotene. Actively resists disease.

The small fruit size is characteristic of the Sweet Kasadi tomatoes. Indeterminate plant, the stem stretches up to 190 cm, tying and pinching is necessary. Oblong fruits begin to blush early, after 95 days. Weight about 25 g. The pulp is sweet, like honey.

Early ripening species include sweet baby tomatoes Cream. Bushes are undersized, grow only up to 50 cm. On one branch there can be about 10 fruits weighing 30 g. Tomatoes are slightly elongated, red-scarlet. The skin is firm and prevents early cracking.

Variety Sweet baby fruitful and early maturing. The first fruits can be tasted after 96 days. Belongs to the indeterminate group, grows in height up to 190 cm.The brush is simply strewn with red, even-round fruits weighing only 10 g.

The early ripening variety is Sweet Tree. Refers to the indeterminate group. The height of the bush reaches 185 cm. The fruit is round, burgundy in color, weighing only 15 g. On a branch, about 30 pieces can ripen at the same time. Sweet tomatoes will complement any meal.

Tomato varieties for open ground, which differ in their small size and average fruit ripening limits.

Tomato Sweet pearls begin to ripen in about 112 days. Tomato Sweet pearl is an indeterminate plant that can grow up to 2 meters in height. Tomato Sweet Pearl is suitable for cultivation both in sheltered beds and in open areas. Cherry tomatoes weigh only 12 g, the color at the time of ripening is red-burgundy. One brush can hold up to 40 pieces.

Sweet Pia tomatoes are interesting. They are cultivated wild vegetables, with the world's smallest pea-sized tomatoes. They still grow wild in America today. Under ideal conditions, the stem of a wild plant stretches up to 200 cm in height. The brushes are sprinkled with red fruits. Fruiting before autumn frosts. The plant is resistant to all known tomato diseases.

For open or closed beds, you can choose the Sweet Kiss tomato. In a greenhouse, it can grow up to 118 cm, in an open area only 80 cm. It has an average ripening range for tomatoes. On one brush, a large number of round, smooth, shiny, red tomatoes, weighing about 20 g, are formed. Since the stem is tall, it must be shaped and tied up.

Sweet cherry peppers can be grown together with tomatoes. Small bushes on themselves have a large number of peppers, about 2.5 cm in size.

Fruits of a pink hue

The sweetest pink varieties of tomatoes include the following names.

Tomato Sweet barrel is recommended to be grown in greenhouse conditions. Tomato Sweet barrel is characterized by average fruit ripening limits, you can try the harvest after 115 days.

Tomato The sweet barrel is of the indeterminate type. It can stretch up to 2 meters up. Tying and stem shaping is required. A prerequisite is the removal of lateral branches and old leaves. To increase disease resistance, tomato sweet barrel is treated with special preparations at intervals of two weeks.

5-6 tomatoes can ripen on a brush. The brushes must be protected from damage. Tomato The sweet barrel endows with pink-colored fruits, which weigh about 220 g, are fleshy and sweet inside.

Tomato Pink honey belongs to the determinant, mid-early group. In greenhouse conditions it grows up to 140 cm, in open beds up to 60 cm. Care requires pinching and tying. Drought tolerant. Pink honey, among gardeners, is famous for its huge fruits. Large, heart-shaped tomatoes can weigh 1 kg. The flesh of Pink honey is fleshy, dense, and sugary. According to reviews, tomatoes are poorly stored, they quickly crack.

Golden fruits

Yellow varieties are very useful, in the composition, in addition to other vitamins, there is a lot of carotene. Tomatoes are hypoallergenic foods. The fruits are fleshy, juicy and most often larger than red tomatoes. Characteristics of common and delicious tomatoes that have been chosen by gardeners for many years.

Variety Cuban sweet grows in height up to 185 cm. Fruits are golden-orange in color, weight is about 350 g. Up to 13 kg of harvest can be removed from one tomato bush. A long stem is recommended to be tied up and shaped.

Tomatoes Sweet Solano is a fruitful variety. In greenhouse conditions, it grows up to 140 cm, in an open area slightly lower. It is recommended to form in two stems. When ripe, the fruits turn bright orange with yellow stripes. Weight approx. 120 g.

Honey sugar tomato is distinguished by amber-yellow fruits weighing up to 420 g. The shape is rounded-flattened. It is a mid-season species (ripening begins after 116 days). Mandatory pinching and shaping is required.

Rich sweet harvest

Among the sweet varieties, you can pick up those that are distinguished by a large harvest. These tomatoes are suitable for open ground and for greenhouses. What varieties can you choose for open ground?

Tomato Sweet fingers begins to ripen in 107 days. Low-growing, compact bushes, reaching a height of 55 cm. Can be grown both in open and closed beds. Elongated fruits with a spout weigh about 80 g. The plant develops even in cold weather and is resistant to many diseases.

Tomato Sweet Heart F1 belongs to early maturing, high-yielding hybrids, until ripening you need to wait only 90 days. Determinant plant. Bushes are undersized, about 80 cm. Red-scarlet, rounded fruits, have a smooth, glossy surface. A distinctive feature is the presence of a spout at the base. Shows resistance to major tomato diseases. Tying, removal of side branches and shaping of the stem is necessary.

Hybrid Premium F1 refers to an early ripening tomato variety, from germination to fruit formation can take only 85 days. Low-growing tomato bushes, up to 70 cm high. It tolerates temperature fluctuations well, many diseases are bypassed. Requires pinching and shaping into two stems. Red, rounded tomatoes weigh about 113 g and have a long shelf life.

Tomato has Italian sweet, medium ripening limits. Belongs to the indeterminate group, the stem stretches up to 200 cm. It is recommended to grow in a greenhouse, during growth, tying to a support is required. The best results are obtained by forming into two stems. Flat-round fruits when ripe become red-raspberry, weigh about 300 g. The taste is sweet, without a hint of sourness.

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