Description of the tomato variety Snow White, its characteristics, planting and care

Description of the tomato variety Snow White, its characteristics, planting and care

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One of the favorite varieties of tomatoes among summer residents and gardeners is Snow White. Tomato Snow White is loved not just for its sonorous name, it delivers a minimum of trouble and pleases with a high yield. It is equally resistant to heat and cold, thanks to which it can grow outdoors in almost any area, including regions with cold climates. It is very simple to care for it, even a novice gardener can grow it and get a good harvest.

Description of the variety

Tomato Snow White belongs to the early maturing and high-yielding varieties, the first harvest can be harvested within 85–90 days after planting in the ground. Tomato bushes reach a height of no more than 50 cm, making them easy to care for.

Caring for this variety comes down to watering, weeding, loosening and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. The variety is grown in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

The tomato is not afraid of temperature extremes and is not very susceptible to disease. The fruits ripen evenly, 2-3 kilograms are harvested from one small bush with proper care.


Tomato Snow White has the following properties:

  1. Ripe fruits are small in size, round in shape and dense skin, weighing from 45 to 90 grams. They are red in color, fleshy and tasty. It is convenient to preserve them, use them for making salads.
  2. Fresh tomatoes do not crack, are unpretentious in storage and transportation.
  3. The variety is distinguished by drought resistance and cold resistance, only long night frosts are harmful to it.
  4. It is characterized by low bushes and few leaves, so the plants do not need to be tied up.

How to grow a Snow White tomato?

Tomato Snow White is intended for growing in the open field or under a temporary shelter. Seedlings are planted in the ground at the age of 50 days. You should adhere to the 40 × 40 landing pattern. Landing takes place in March. If the cold has not passed by this time, young seedlings will need shelter for the first time. Further bad weather will not be terrible for her. Seedlings should be fed with mineral fertilizers several times.

If seeds are planted, they are first pickled and then planted in ventilated soil.

Water the tomatoes 2-3 times a week with warm water, do not pour. It is recommended to loosen the soil more often, weed the weeds. The bushes do not need to be pinned, it will harm them rather than benefit them.

Snow White loves feeding. You can use both ready-made store products and those prepared yourself. For this purpose, humus, dung, manure, compost, infusions on weeds or yeast are suitable. It is recommended to use natural fertilizers in order to maintain the ecological purity of the vegetable.

Tomato Snow White is not susceptible to late blight, because its fruits ripen quickly and at the same time... However, it can suffer from garden pests, so it is recommended to treat it from them with special means.


Tomato variety Snow White receives positive reviews from gardeners. To the pluses of this variety, amateurs include early ripening, minimal care requirements, good yield and tasty fruits.

To grow Snow White, you do not need to build greenhouses, it is enough to cover the young seedlings from precipitation and cold with an awning.

Summer residents note that tomatoes of this variety, plucked in green, calmly ripen at home and do not lose their taste.

The variety grows and bears especially well in the place where cauliflower, garden herbs, cucumbers, carrots and zucchini were previously planted.

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