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Pink paradise tomatoes

Pink paradise tomatoes

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Good day! When growing tomato seedlings, pink paradise ran into an incomprehensible problem. Stains appeared on the leaves. I can’t understand what it is, either pests or a disease. Attached is a photo of this phenomenon. How can this be dealt with? What needs to be done. Thank you, Vladimir.


Vladimir! Your photos are not visible. But I want to note two interesting features of this hybrid:

1. Its leaves are large and long and against a dark green background they have a slightly noticeable pattern of light stripes and spots.

2. This is a very prolific hybrid. And how much tomato he will give, so much he must take from the earth. He needs well-seasoned land and mandatory foliar top dressing. He likes top dressing with magnesium and boron, as well as spraying with microelements.

Perhaps your problem will be solved by top dressing.