Growing cucumbers in do-it-yourself vertical beds

Growing cucumbers in do-it-yourself vertical beds

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When there is not enough space on the site for the formation of ordinary beds or gardeners want to do something unusual, they experiment and create interesting vertical beds for cucumbers on the site. To do this, use a variety of devices - barrels, pipes, trellis, plastic garbage bags, buckets and much more. Thus, the landings take up little space on the site and look original. Learn how to grow vegetables vertically in your garden.

Methods for vertical cultivation of cucumbers

Cucumbers can be grown vertically both in the garden and in the greenhouse. In this case, it is not necessary to resort to the use of any additional containers for sowing. Some plant seeds in a pre-formed bed, and then they tie up the borage, and it crawls, clinging to its antennae, up. In the greenhouse, you can tie a rope to the jumper of the greenhouse located on top, and wrap a cucumber bush with the lower end. But there are more interesting and original methods of making vertical cucumber beds with your own hands.

Growing cucumbers in barrels

An excellent option for planting borage in an area where there is little space will be 200 liter metal barrels. Of course, you can use wooden ones, but the example will be considered a metal barrel.

In order for the seedlings to produce an excellent harvest, several growing factors must be taken into account.

  • Illumination of the area where the seeds will be planted.
  • The presence of fertilizers in the planting soil.
  • Watering and caring for plants.

It is necessary to choose a sunlit place on the site. Place the barrels according to the plan - in a row or in a checkerboard pattern. The main thing is that there is a distance of about 80 centimeters between them for convenient watering and weeding of plants.

We form high-quality soil for planting cucumbers in open ground, on the bottom of the barrel we pour last year's leaves, compost, dry branches and others that can decompose materials, on top we fill in garden soil fertilized with burnt manure and add 1 glass of mineral fertilizers. Mix the whole mixture and spill it well with warm water with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate.

On the edge of the barrel we plant two seeds in a hole, to a depth of 1-2 centimeters. About 20 seedlings should form in 1 barrel.

Cover with a foil until the seeds germinate, remembering to water them when the soil dries out.

After the seeds germinate, remove the film, and remove the weak seedlings. That's it, our garden is ready. As the lashes grow, they will fall down from the barrel, it will be covered with foliage and will look very beautiful. It is important to water the plants as the soil dries out, the water in the barrel evaporates much faster than in a simple garden bed. Vegetables grown in this way will delight the owner with the harvest and decorate the site.

Pipes like a cucumber bed

This is another interesting vertical way to grow cucumbers. For this method, you will need the following devices: two pipes of different diameters, a drill and a jigsaw for cutting holes, earth, seeds.

Most often they use a pvc pipe from a sewer, and a thin watering pipe. In a pipe of a larger diameter, in a ladder order and from different sides, holes of 20 by 20 centimeters are cut, square or round, it does not matter. Holes with a diameter of 1 centimeter are also cut along the entire perimeter of the second tube.

The large pipe is covered with earth for stability. And a small tube is inserted into a large one and fertilized soil is poured between them. The end of the small pipe should not be covered with earth; water will flow there when watering.

Cucumber seeds are planted in the pipes, and they are wrapped with polyvinyl chloride film. During seed germination, the soil is constantly watered with warm water, pouring it into a tube with holes. Through them, water is absorbed into the soil and moisturizes it.

After the seeds germinate, the film is removed and the cucumbers are taken care of, just like in the garden. There can be up to 20 plants grown in this way in one tube.

Original garden buckets

Buckets make many great vertical cucumber beds.

  1. Hang the buckets on the wall of the house.
  2. They put it in a gazebo built from scrap materials.
  3. Install along the perimeter of the garden.

There is another way to grow cucumbers vertically in buckets.

The first method is to hang buckets on the wall of the house, so the plant will sink down, giving an excellent harvest of cucumbers. With this method of growing, the wall for planting is chosen to be solar and the buckets are raised above ground level by about two meters. When the whip reaches the ground, it is pinched, giving growth to the stepsons. It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of soil moisture in buckets, plants will die from drying out.

The second method is to install buckets along the perimeter of the garden or in any other convenient place, it is important that they have unhindered access for watering, weeding and harvesting. A crossbar is erected over the buckets, two stable pegs are driven in on the sides, and a trellis or ropes are hung on them, so that the growing lashes can catch on to them.

As the plants grow, the entire mesh will be wrapped in borage and will look great from the outside. This method is often used as a temporary fence.

How to plant plants in plastic bags

Plastic trash bags are also a great material for making vertical cucumber beds.

They are placed around the perimeter - you can in a row, in a checkerboard pattern or in a circle. They fill in the bags with soil and plant seeds, the soil is preliminarily watered with warm water. Cover the bags with plastic wrap. When the seedlings germinate, pegs with a cross at the end are inserted into the middle of the package. Clotheslines are tied to the cross according to the number of seedlings. The lower end is tied to other pegs and inserted into the ground around the bags. When the borage grows, it is guided to trudge up the ropes. Thus, you will get cute Christmas tree beds with a do-it-yourself harvest of cucumbers.

Vertical cultivation in a greenhouse with a trellis

In greenhouses there is little space for growing cucumbers, so gardeners rarely use the horizontal method, more often they use a trellis or ropes to grow crops in an upright position.

When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, the seeds are planted in rows using the trellis method and a net is pulled between them for the borage to grow up. With this vertical growing method, you can leave a few side shoots for a larger yield. It is imperative to monitor the number of leaves, the lower yellowed ones must be removed, giving rise to new upper leaves.

When tying with a clothesline, the seeds are planted in a checkerboard pattern, the main thing is to provide access to the plants planted near the wall. Each cucumber is tied up with a rope. Lateral shoots are broken off so that a lot of greenery does not form. As the harvest progresses, the lower leaves are cut off, but no more than two leaves a day, otherwise the plant will die.

When the whip reaches the ceiling, they act in two ways.

First: the lower stem is freed from the leaves and twisted into a ring, so the plant drops 0.5-1 meter lower.

Second: the tip is pinched, the lateral shoot is released for the entire growth, so two or three crops will be obtained from one seed. This is how cucumbers are grown vertically in greenhouses.

It is important to take into account one nuance: you cannot use metal wire or bars as a rope or lattice. When heated in the sun, the metal will burn the growing plant.

Growing cucumbers in the garden

Planting cucumbers on a simple bed around stakes previously dug into the ground and surrounded by rods in the form of a hut makes it possible to grow cucumbers in the form of Christmas trees.

There are a lot of ways to grow cucumbers in the beds and greenhouse. The beauty and practicality of such structures depend on the gardener's fantasy flight, and such structures can be made from scrap materials that do not require expensive investments.

So on the site there will be Christmas trees, posts and even fences grown from cucumbers.

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