Pervikur, Infinito, Allett, Hom and Bordeaux liquid - fungicides for cucumbers

Pervikur, Infinito, Allett, Hom and Bordeaux liquid - fungicides for cucumbers

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To combat fungal diseases of cucumbers, chemical agents are used that can prevent infection of plants. The drug Aliett, produced by the German company Bauer, belongs to the universal fungicides of protective and therapeutic action.

On the market of modern pesticides, there are many preparations of such a multidisciplinary purpose. They can be used to treat the aboveground part of plants, disinfect soil and seeds, for prophylactic purposes. The systemic method of exposure to fungicides allows you to protect and treat plants in open ground or in a greenhouse, regardless of weather conditions.

Important! The advantage of protective fungicides is direct economic benefit.

Often, gardeners do not have the opportunity to regularly inspect cucumbers in a greenhouse or greenhouse. Clear signs of fungal invasion become apparent when a difficultly recognizable disease has successfully invaded the cucumber bush. His presence poses a threat of infection to the rest of the plants. In this case, much more resources will be required to protect the cucumbers and save the harvest. Poorly prepared seeds, soil, greenhouse frame can be a source of infection.

There are many reasons, therefore the use of fungicides is often an ordinary agricultural technique for the care of cucumbers. Let's look at some of the drugs without bias, because pesticides have long become the norm for agricultural enterprises and farms.

Cucumber disease control agents

Cucumbers are most often grown in greenhouses, where stable colonies of fungi are formed in a confined space. Fungicides with which plants are treated without waiting for obvious signs of disease help protect plants. In a home greenhouse, this is done quite simply. Several times during the growing season, it is enough to sprinkle the leaves or water the bushes at the root.

  • Bordeaux liquid is considered the first fungicide, which began to be used to protect agricultural plants. A mixture of copper sulfate with lime water successfully resists most fungal diseases. Copper acts as a poisonous substance, and lime neutralizes the effect of acid on the plant. As a result, Bordeaux mixture is successfully used as a prophylactic agent against pathogens of pathogenic microflora. Cucumbers are treated with 1% Bordeaux mixture at the stage of 2-3 true leaves, followed by repeating the treatments after half a month. The last procedure during the fruiting period should be carried out no later than a week before harvesting.
  • Hom - copper oxychloride, a fungicide that has become a substitute for Bordeaux liquid. Unlike her, "Hom" is easy to prepare. The finished powder is diluted with plain water and used for spraying plants. The drug does not adhere well to the surface and is easily washed off by rain. Cucumber is a greenhouse crop, so the fungicide is excellent for cultivating it in greenhouses. The question is logical whether it is possible to process cucumbers in the open field with the preparation. Of course, only in dry, calm weather. Hom contact fungicide, it acts on the surface of the plant without penetrating into its cellular structure and combines well with other pesticides. Plants are sprayed with homom during the growing season, with an interval of 10-15 days. All this time, the fungicide continues its action, subject to the rules of agricultural technology. Disinfection of plants should be carried out 20-30 days before harvesting.
  • Sumileks is a chemical preparation of protective and curative contact action. Accumulating in the young parts of the plant, it inhibits the development of mycelium and the germination of fungi of white and gray rot. It is produced in the form of a wetting powder, which is combined with chalk or lime during manufacture. The resulting mixture is coated with the affected areas of the stems of cucumbers growing in greenhouses.

  • Fundazole is used for seed dressing, as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for the plants themselves. Demonstrates the therapeutic effect of Fundazol only the first three days from the moment of treatment. For more than two weeks, Fundazol demonstrates its protective abilities. As it decomposes, the active substance moves inside the plant from the root to the top. In addition to the fungicidal effect, Fundazol resists most pests, the list of which includes the larvae of aphids, leaf beetles and spider mites. Fundazole is used as a solution. The seeds are treated with it, the roots are shed, the stems and axils of the leaves are sprayed. Preparation and use of the drug should be carried out strictly according to the instructions. This fungicide belongs to the third category according to the degree of danger.
  • Strobi fungicide is a very powerful medicinal and protective agent. Effectively stops the growth of mycelium and sporulation of fungi. The plant is sprayed with a working solution every two weeks. The last time you can spray cucumbers is a month before harvest. The result of processing appears in a couple of hours. The drug, unlike other fungicides, can be used at low temperatures up to +1 degrees, on wet foliage and during flowering. The drug treats a variety of cucumber diseases, including peronosporosis.
  • Topaz is a remedy against a variety of fungal diseases. It can be used as a preventive and therapeutic agent. Topaz has a high impact speed. In just 3 hours, the growth of the mushroom mycelium stops. Topaz continues to protect plants for 14-18 hours. Preventive treatments are carried out at the beginning of the growing season every 10-15 days. Topaz has a low consumption rate, is quickly absorbed, and goes well in mixtures with other pesticides. Topaz is suitable for prophylactic and therapeutic treatments of cucumbers in unprotected soil, is well tolerated by plants, and is not toxic to birds and insects.
  • Quadris is a prophylactic and health-improving drug, a highly effective fungicide used for the treatment of diseased plants. Quadris can be used in protected and open ground, in joint treatments with other pesticides. It is not recommended to use herbicides with it. When processing, it is necessary to monitor the complete coverage of the sheet surface with the working mixture. Quadris is used during the growing season, before flowering, at intervals of 10-15 days. The eradicating effect of Quadris begins within a few hours, and the preventive effect lasts up to three weeks. It is not recommended to use Quadris in personal subsidiary plots.

Regardless of the manufacturer's reliability, when using fungicides, you should always carefully study the instructions and strictly adhere to them. Do not prepare more solution than necessary. Spray the plants, then wash the container thoroughly. Observe safety measures.

Important! Many drugs are very toxic, even dangerous for humans.

Modern drugs from Bayer

A company with a solid history is constantly creating innovative products in the crop protection market. German products have earned excellent reviews from farmers for their reliability and efficiency.

Previkur Energy is a universal drug that effectively fights against fungal diseases of cucumbers, strengthens the root system, stimulates shoot growth, flowering, and fruiting. Instructions for use Previkur for cucumbers allows you to apply the fungicide in several ways. Plants are watered at the root, sprayed or using a working solution in drip irrigation.

For prevention purposes, Previkur Energy is used in the following order:

  • Initially, immediately after sowing the seeds, the soil is treated;
  • after the cucumbers start to grow and form the first true leaves, Previkur energy is used for watering at the root;
  • subsequent watering is carried out in two weeks, the lower stems are treated;
  • if the plants show signs of infection with a fungal infection, then Previkur energy in the form of a solution is applied by spraying to the affected areas.

The drug begins to work in about an hour. As an emergency, it is recommended to spray the green part with a solution of weak concentration and water the plant at the root. Bayer Garden, the manufacturer of the fungicide Previkur Energy, guarantees plant protection for 14-18 days after treatment.

Alett is a drug with contact-systemic action. In just half an hour, the active substance of the fungicide penetrates into plant tissues and affects intracellular biochemical processes. As a result, the plant develops immunity. The action of the drug Aliett lasts up to 30 days and its effectiveness increases after repeated treatments with an interval of 10 days. Allett has a therapeutic effect if it is used one day after the detection of signs of plant infection. Fungicide is effective as a prophylactic drug during the active growing season. Watering cucumbers in a greenhouse, or sprinkling, can be carried out 30 minutes after the end of treatment, taking into account the rate of absorption of the fungicide.

Another drug of the German company "Bayer Garden" Infinito is a fungicide that can be used to treat plantings of cucumbers for protective and medicinal purposes. By the nature of the impact, it belongs to contact and systemic pesticides. Infinito has a unique mechanism of action on fungal spores. The fungicide actively stimulates growth. The crops treated with the drug significantly increase the yield.

Bayer Garden preparations are true German quality and a guarantee of plant care.

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