Description and characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of Red Delicious apples, the subtleties of cultivation

Description and characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of Red Delicious apples, the subtleties of cultivation

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What kind of apple tree to grow on the site, the gardener decides for himself. I want to plant only the best. To do this, gardeners study the description of varieties in order to find the species that meets the requests. Red Delicious - late ripening apples. They have many advantages, thanks to which they are appreciated by summer residents.

How culture appeared

This apple variety came about by accident. One branch on a Delicious tree bore red fruit. Scientists, having studied the characteristics of the fruit, came to the conclusion that the apples are of excellent quality and are quite suitable for growing. Red delicious means red delicious. There is a type of Royal Red Delicious apples. It is similar in characteristics to the Red Delicious variety, but its fruits are slightly larger.

Pros and cons of the variety

The plant has a lot of positive properties. Summer residents choose it for this reason.


  • Excellent external characteristics.
  • High and stable yield.
  • Versatility of application.
  • Long shelf life.
  • The fruits tolerate transportation.
  • It is unpretentious in leaving.
  • Average frost resistance.


  • The pulp becomes loose during storage.
  • Poorly adaptable to unstable climates.
  • Susceptible to disease.
  • Requires formation.


Examining the data will help you avoid growing errors. These criteria are evaluated by summer residents in the first place.

Barrel height

A tree grows up to 5 m on a seed stock, and 3.5-4 m on a dwarf stock.

Crown size

The shape of the apple tree is oval or pyramidal. The width depends on the formation.

Leaves, flowers

Small leaves have a rounded base, the top is slightly elongated. Flowers are white with a pink tint.

Fruits and their taste

Estimated appearance 4.8 points, taste 4.6 points on a 5-point scale. Fruits are round-conical in shape. The color is dark red. The apples have a sweet and sour taste.

Before eating, it is recommended to peel the fruit from the peel, it is too dense and tough.The pulp is juicy and crispy. The apples of the Red Delicious variety are of universal use.


After evaluating the external data, summer residents study the properties of plants. These criteria are evaluated and selected more carefully.

Resistant to subzero temperatures and drought

Apple tree Red Delicious does not tolerate temperature drop below -20 ⁰С. He does not like drought, regular watering is necessary.

Immunity to diseases and pests

There is no immunity to any disease. Mandatory processing of apple trees from diseases and pests is required.

Recommended growing areas

Due to its positive characteristics, the Red Delicious apple tree is grown in central Russia. Some summer residents from Siberia and the Urals are planting an apple tree. Only for winter it is prepared more thoroughly.

Productivity and fruiting

Every summer resident should know the peculiarities of the fruiting of the variety. If you fulfill the necessary requirements, the apple tree will give the declared harvest.

Pollinating varieties

Red Delicious is self-fertile; for successful pollination, the following types of apple trees are planted:

  • Golden;
  • Idared;
  • Fuji;
  • Gloucester;
  • Everest.

It is necessary to choose such types of apple trees, the flowering period of which coincides with the variety planted.

The beginning of fruiting

The tree gives its first fruits in the 5-6th year after planting the seedling.A dwarf rootstock allows you to harvest a year earlier.Subject to the rules and regulations for planting Red Delicious apple trees, fruiting begins in a timely manner.

Ripening dates for apples

It all depends on the region of cultivation, the warmer the climate, the earlier the variety ripens. Apples are ready to eat in late September - early October.

Collection and application of the fetus

Apples are harvested at maturity. They are laid neatly, trying not to damage the structure. Thanks to the thick skin, the fruits tolerate transportation well. And they are less injured during collection.

When storing apples of the Red Delicious variety, sprinkle with sawdust or layers of paper.

Housewives use fruits for cooking:

  • juice;
  • jam;
  • desserts;
  • jam.

This variety is suitable for drying and freezing.

Landing nuances

In order for an apple tree to take on well and delight with crops, you need to plant it correctly. To do this, they acquire high-quality planting material, choose a place and time.


Depending on the climatic conditions of the region, the gardener himself calculates the optimal time. Red Delicious apple trees are planted in spring and autumn. In the first case, before the start of sap flow, in the second case - a month before the first frost.

Choosing the right place

The site must be well lit, protected from drafts. It is desirable that the groundwater flow is at least 2-3 m deep. Otherwise, the root system will start to rot. The composition of the soil is necessary nutritious, with a shortage, humus and mineral fertilizers are introduced into the soil.

Preparation of planting material

The seedlings are purchased for 2-year-olds. Before planting, the tree is placed in a growth stimulator for several hours.

Landing technology

The pit is prepared in advance. Depth 70 cm, width 80 cm. A drainage layer is formed at the bottom, then soil mixed with peat, sand and humus is poured. A small mound is made, a seedling is placed on it, the roots are straightened.

Then sprinkle with a fertile layer of soil so that the root collar or the grafting site remains above the ground. At the end, pour abundantly with water.

Follow-up care

When the planting is completed, all that remains is to competently care for the plants. Timely apply fertilizing, watering and treating pests.

Regularity of watering

In the spring, the tree is watered abundantly and often. In the summer, as the top layer of the soil dries out. A young tree especially needs watering.

Top dressing

Apple tree Red Delicious needs feeding. Especially in spring, during flowering, fruiting and after harvest. They use complex mineral fertilizers and organic matter, alternating them to avoid addiction.

Pruning and shaping the crown

The crown is thinned out, overloading the tree will affect the yield and weight of fruits. All branches growing deeper into the crown are subject to pruning. Remove dry, damaged, deformed shoots.

Preventive treatment

To preserve the tree and the harvest, it is recommended to treat plants from diseases in early spring, autumn and, if necessary, in the middle of summer. They use special chemicals. Be sure to observe safety precautions.

If desired, the summer resident uses folk remedies, their action is short-lived, but safe for humans.

Preparing the tree for winter

In regions with harsh climatic conditions, it is necessary to cover the tree for the winter. The trunk circle is mulched, the trunk is wrapped with a special material or burlap.

Apple tree Red Delicious has many fans among gardeners. The reason is that the tree is unpretentious and very productive.

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