Characteristics and description of the April apple variety, regions for cultivation and resistance to diseases

Characteristics and description of the April apple variety, regions for cultivation and resistance to diseases

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Before choosing a variety of apple trees for planting on a site, they first study all the characteristics of the tree, so that later they do not regret choosing a fruit tree. For example, for many summer residents, winter hardiness becomes the main selection criterion. One of the fruit trees popular among summer residents is the Aprelskoe apple tree.

Description and features

You need to start characterizing the April apple tree with a description of winter hardiness. The tree is one of those varieties that can survive frosty winters. The seedlings are suitable for growing in the European part of Russia. During severe winter frosts, some branches of the apple tree may freeze.

The plant is tall, so the annual growth of the plant is at least 60 cm. If the annual growth is less than 60 cm, this indicates that the tree is sick with something or that pests have appeared on it.

Pros and cons of the April apple tree

Among the advantages of the variety, the following are distinguished:

  • Regular and abundant fruiting.
  • Medium temperature frost resistance.
  • High palatability of ripe fruits.

Disadvantages include average immunity to crop diseases and late fruiting. The variety belongs to the winter, so they begin to harvest only in mid-September.

Variety characteristics

Before planting an April apple tree seedling, you need to study all the characteristics before buying a tree. First of all, they study the size of the tree, the ripening of the fruits and the yield. From these characteristics, a general description of the Aprelskoe variety is formed.

Dimensions of the tree

The apple variety Aprelskoe is a tall one. The branches are long and powerful. An adult tree reaches a maximum height of 6 m. On average, the height of the trunk is from 4 to 5 m. In order for the plant to be not so high, but compact, every year they carry out pruning and form a crown.

Ripening terms

This variety belongs to apple trees with a late ripening period. It is a winter variety and harvest begins in mid-September. And sometimes the fruits reach biological maturity even at the end of September. It is pointless to pick apples before autumn. They will not be as tasty and aromatic. But late fruiting is compensated by the long shelf life of the crop.

Under favorable conditions, apples can be stored until April.

Proceeding from the fact that the fruiting of the April apple tree is late, then flowering is also later. Inflorescences begin to bloom at the end of May, and the process continues until the end of June.

Fruit assessment

Fruits that have reached biological maturity have a pleasant apple aroma. The pulp of the fruit is juicy, the rating for ripe fruit is 4.7. Apples are suitable for making jams and marmalades.

Apples weigh up to 200 g. The peel is light green with red stripes. Occasionally there are apples with a pink blush on the skin. Fruits are round in shape, without ribbing on the peel.


The tree bears fruit annually. It is worth noting that the yield may decrease in different years. It depends on the climatic conditions and the health of the tree. If the apple tree is affected by diseases, or insects have appeared on it, then the yield decreases. Healthy trees produce a stable harvest every year. The yield is above average, which is what attracts summer residents to planting the Aprelskoye variety.

Winter hardiness

The Aprelskoye variety is distinguished by an average level of frost resistance. With severe frosts in the winter, the apple tree freezes over. But due to the ability to quickly restore tissue, this does not affect the yield and growth of the tree. This is one of the advantages of the variety.


One of the main disadvantages of the Aprelskoye variety is its weak immunity. Also, the apple tree is not immune to scab. Therefore, to prevent the death of a tree, you need to regularly inspect it.

At the first signs of disease or the appearance of insects, measures are taken. This will allow you to quickly cure it without damaging the tree. To increase immunity with the onset of the season, top dressing is applied to the soil. Mineral and organic fertilizers are used.

Best regions to grow

It is possible to grow the Aprelskoye variety in any regions of Russia. It is not recommended to plant a plant in the north, where freezing temperatures reach critical levels in winter. The tree will not be able to withstand such frosty winters and will die.

It is best to plant seedlings in the southern and central regions. And also areas where winters are not so harsh. The European part of Russia is also considered favorable for cultivation. The apple tree grows well on all types of soil, except for sandy ones. The most favorable growing regions are considered latitudes with mild winters and fertile soil. In such conditions, the plant gives a stable harvest every year, regardless of weather conditions in spring and summer.

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