Growing with a description and characteristics of the tomato variety Thumbelina

Growing with a description and characteristics of the tomato variety Thumbelina

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There are many different varieties of tomatoes: large, small, fleshy and even long. So among the small cherry tomatoes, there is a species called "Thumbelina". The name speaks for itself. This variety is obtained through selection and is amazing in terms of taste. It can be grown in the garden, or at home on the balcony.


Now let's look at a short description. This variety "Thumbelina" can be attributed to those that are tall, because in height it can reach about one and a half meters. By the way, it ripens quite early, after planting the seedlings, the first fruits will appear in 90-95 days, and you can plant it in greenhouses or under a film shelter.

If we talk about the fruits, they are small and their approximate weight is only 15-20 grams. The shape of the fruit is round. If you feel them, you can understand that they are smooth, but dense. One brush is capable of producing up to 15 fruits. As for the taste, it has already been said that it is amazing. Anyone will like it. Tomatoes can be eaten fresh, or can be preserved. These are, in principle, all the characteristics.

How to plant and care for

Growing is the most important topic. First you need to prepare the seedlings. This is done in March, then the seeds are planted in specially prepared containers to a depth of about one centimeter. After ten days, the first shoots will begin to appear, then the plants should be planted in various containers, it is desirable that their shape is cylindrical.

When May comes, you need to start transplanting cherry tomatoes into the greenhouse using a 60 to 70 scheme. Next, you should expect when the bushes will gradually grow and reach thirty centimeters, then you can make supports, and tie the tomatoes to them as they grow.

Tomato care includes:

  • Removing stepchildren;
  • Regular loosening;
  • Watering.


Now we will separately consider sowing, because this is a very important topic. First, keep in mind that before sowing, you need to soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. You can add special growth stimulants to the liquid, and soak the seeds of the variety before that in potassium permanganate for 3-4 minutes.

As for the soil for this variety, it is prepared from humus and peat. You can safely add a little charcoal to the ground as a mineral fertilizer. For a faster entry of tomato grains into the ground, you need to water it with warm water, preferably at room temperature, before planting. The grains themselves should be planted shallowly into the ground for planting and covered with a thin film, which then, after sunrise, can be removed. It is very important that there is enough light, watch out, tomatoes should receive enough light and heat, because this is important.

Possible diseases and prevention

Of course, the "Thumbelina" variety is not afraid of rot, but even it can pick up a disease with very bad consequences, for example:

  1. Mosaic. It affects the leaves of tomato bushes. They become wrinkled and stained, and their color changes.
  2. Late blight. Because of it, a white bloom begins to form under the leaves.
  3. Watering too often will cause the tomatoes to crack.

All of the above can be easily avoided. To do this, loosen the soil as often as possible and do not forget about watering. You can also use special feeding as a preventive measure.

How can you get seeds

The grains are mined in several stages:

  1. Already ripe tomato "Thumbelina" is divided into two parts.
  2. Using a medical spatula, all seeds are removed.
  3. They need to be folded into any plastic container and left for several days (from two to four).
  4. It is necessary for them to ferment. Then they should be rinsed and all unnecessary grains removed.
  5. The remaining ones need to be filtered and squeezed using thin gauze.

Next, the grains are washed with water at room temperature and dried by placing them on a sheet of paper.

Pros and cons of the "Thumbelina" variety

If we talk about the advantages of this variety, then among them we can confidently note the following:

  1. They are easy to care for, because the variety requires only regular watering and a minimum amount of fertilizer.
  2. Tomato "Thumbelina" is able to pollinate on its own, so if there are no insects, then it's okay.
  3. Small root system that allows you to plant and grow tomatoes even in pots.
  4. They are not afraid of diseases.
  5. Rapid ripening of tomatoes, the first harvest will be obtained within 90-95 days.

It should also be noted that tomatoes of this variety ripen synchronously, so you don't have to climb from bush to bush in search of ripe fruits.

The only important drawback of the variety is that these tomatoes are afraid of sudden changes in temperature and cold. Better to grow them in a greenhouse.

This type of tomato is very good and has numerous positive reviews. Everyone who planted them understands why, because they grow quickly, do not require much attention and give very tasty fruits. Follow all the tips we give and you will be able to grow good tomatoes.

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