Instructions for use of Efatol and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use of Efatol and the composition of the fungicide, dosage and analogues

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For the treatment of grapes, vegetables, fruit and other agricultural crops from the most dangerous diseases of fungal nature, fungicide preparations are used. Consider the action and purpose of "Efatol", dosage, consumption rate and application rules, safety precautions when working with the drug. What can replace the herbicide, compatibility with other products, conditions and terms of proper storage.

Formulation and composition of the fungicide

"Efatol" is produced by LLC "Himagromarketing" in the form of a powder in a package of 10 kg. The active substance is fosetyl aluminum (refers to organophosphorus compounds), in the composition it is in the amount of 800 g per kg. Efatol is considered a systemic pesticide by its mode of penetration and by its action as a protective and immunizing fungicide.

Speed ​​and mechanism of action

Possesses fast action, begins to suppress fungi immediately after entering the plants. Provides protection for 12-18 days in a row, the duration depends on the type of treated plants and the prevailing weather.

Fosetyl aluminum influences bioprocesses in plant cells, stimulates the enhancement of plant defense functions. The substance stops the penetration of fungi into tissues, because of which plants have time to develop resistance to pathogens. It inhibits the germination of spores and mycelium. Not phytotoxic when used in the correct dosage, does not provoke the development of resistance.

What is the drug used for?

Efatol is highly effective against rot, spotting and mildew of grapes. Controls the development and spread of fungal infections in a variety of climate conditions. The drug is a therapeutic, protective and prophylactic agent. They also process fruit (apple), vegetable (nightshade, cucumber, onion) crops, hops, sunflowers, rapeseed.

Consumption rate and instructions for use

For the treatment of vines against mildew, the rate of application of "Efatol" is 2.5 kg per hectare, the consumption of liquid is 800-1000 liters per hectare. Spraying is carried out 3 times - with the formation of inflorescences, then with the fall of 70% of the petals and the last time - with the formation of fruits. The interval between treatments is 12-14 days. The waiting period is 30 days.

Application rate (kg / ha) and liquid consumption (l / ha) for other crops:

  • apple trees from scab - 2-3 (800-1500);
  • tomatoes and potatoes for Alternaria, Macrosporiosis and Phytophthora - 2-2.5 (300-400);
  • onions from Alternaria and peronosporosis - 2-2.5 (300-400);
  • cucumbers for peronosporosis - 2 (300-400);
  • hops from pseudoperonosporosis - 3-5 (800-1500);
  • sunflower from peronosporosis - 1.2-1.5 (300-400);
  • rapeseed from alternaria and peronosporosis - 1.2 (300-400).

Extensive plantings of crops can be cultivated with Efatol by air.

Safety precautions when working with drugs

Efatol belongs to class 3 (low hazard) for humans and bees. You can treat areas with crops located next to apiaries. Do not spray fields located near water bodies. The processing should be done at a moderate temperature, it is recommended in the morning or evening and when there is no wind. Light protective clothing should be worn when working with the fungicide.

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Gloves must be worn on hands; use of a respirator and goggles is mandatory. Protective agents prevent solution particles from entering the eyes, mouth, respiratory system and skin.

Poisoning with the drug "Efatol" is possible, although in rare cases. In case of symptoms, it is necessary to rinse the stomach, if the solution gets on the skin, rinse these areas with warm water. After work, in any case, you need to wash your face and hands with soapy water and rinse with water. Wash work clothes.


"Efatol" is allowed to be combined in tank mixes with pesticides, which have a neutral reaction. When mixing drugs, the compatibility of which is not reliably known, a preliminary test must be carried out: mix a small amount of drugs. If no chemical reaction ensues, the agents are compatible. If a reaction occurs, the solution will be unusable. Find other compatible pesticides.

"Efatol" is incompatible with fertilizers, therefore, if it is necessary to apply fertilizers, it is necessary to postpone the treatment for some time.

Terms and conditions of storage

"Efatol" is suitable for use within 2 years from the date of manufacture. Storage assumes that the drug will be stored in its original container, tightly closed. Temperature - 5-35 ˚С, dark and dry room.

Do not keep food, medicine and pet food near the fungicide.

At the end of the storage time, the herbicide powder must be disposed of. The solution diluted in processing water is not stored. It is effective only within 24 hours from the moment of dilution, after which it should be poured out. In order not to overspend the powder, you need to prepare the solution in the amount necessary to process the area during the working day.

Similar fungicides

It is possible to replace Efatol in agriculture with Previkur Energy and Fosetil. Previkur Energy can also be used on private households. The products contain the same active substance - fosetyl aluminum, therefore they have the same effect.

"Efatol" is an effective remedy against fungal infections, applicable both in industrial plantings and in private households. Protects and treats grapes, vegetables, oilseeds from fungi that cause the most common dangerous diseases. The fungicide is compatible with contact pesticides, it can be diluted in tank mixes with many agents, which only enhances the joint effect. It does not cause resistance, so you can use the drug on the treated areas every year, its effectiveness will not decrease.

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