Instructions for the use of Ryabushka for laying hens, dosage and contraindications

Instructions for the use of Ryabushka for laying hens, dosage and contraindications

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In order for chickens not to lose their productivity throughout the year, they need nutrition that is balanced in the composition of trace elements, vitamins and other useful components. The additive to feed for laying hens "Ryabushka" is very popular among poultry farmers, the detailed instructions for which must be carefully studied before use.

Experienced farmers feed the premix to poultry, mixing with self-prepared cereal mixtures, wet mash.

Composition and form of release

The Ryabushka contains the necessary components that ensure the normal development of all systems and organs of the bird:

  • retinol - promotes poultry growth, regulates metabolism;
  • cholecalciferol - acts on the absorption of calcium;
  • tocopherol - helps to increase the fertility of layers;
  • phylloquinone - improves blood clotting;
  • thiamine - prevents the occurrence of nervous disorders;
  • riboflavin - improves egg production in chickens;
  • choline - helps to preserve the cellular structure;
  • biotin - helps to strengthen the immune system, protects against infections, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system;
  • pyridoxine - affects protein metabolism, does not allow a decrease in the mass of eggs;

In addition to vitamins, Ryabushka contains microelements:

  • zinc - promotes the formation of tissues, acts on the ovaries, activating them to work harder;
  • copper - develops and supports the skeleton, vascular and circulatory systems;
  • selenium - controls the redox work of the cell, protects tissues from poisons and toxins, helps the formation of vitamin E reserves in the body;
  • iodine - takes part in the synthesis of thyroid hormones;
  • iron - participates in the transport of electrons and oxygen, helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • cobalt - activates enzymes, takes part in hematopoiesis;
  • manganese - contributes to the mineralization of bones, the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

"Ryabushka" is produced in the form of a powder-premix, added to the finished feed and complete feed in the form of granules or briquettes. Packing is different, from 150 g and more.

Supplement benefits

Regular use of the Ryabushka premix has a number of advantages:

  • laying hens begin to lay more than 300 eggs per year;
  • plumage becomes denser, smoother;
  • the quality of eggs is significantly improved;
  • the shell becomes stronger;
  • the appetite of chickens increases;
  • the bird is more resistant to stress and unfavorable conditions, it remains active for most of the daylight hours;
  • chickens are born healthy, grow faster;
  • assimilation of nutrients becomes more complete.

Pharmachologic effect

Thanks to the vitamins, microelements, amino acids present in the Ryabushka mixture, the health of layers and young hens improves:

  • immunity increases;
  • the risk of rickets decreases;
  • there is no anemia during egg production;
  • bones are formed correctly;
  • embryos develop without pathologies;
  • the thyroid gland actively synthesizes hormones.

Instructions for use

The "Ryabushka" premix in powder form does not belong to an independent feed for poultry, it is used together with the main diet. For this purpose, the required daily dose is added to the prepared feed and mixed thoroughly. Do not add "Ryabushka" to the still warm mash. Chill the cooked food first. To mix the additive better, it should be mixed first with bran or flour in a 1 to 1 ratio.

When using the Ryabushka premix, other mineral and vitamin supplements must not be used.

To prevent chickens from getting an overdose of vitamins, the supplement is used in courses, after 2-3 months.

There should always be a drinking bowl filled with water near the bird feeder.

What you need to know about dosage

You will learn about the dosage of the Ryabushka premix from the instructions for use on the package. Most often, the calculation of the daily dose is carried out as follows: 0.5-1.0 g of the additive is relied on one individual.

The dose is multiplied by the number of chickens, the premix is ​​measured and mixed into the morning feed.

In the case when "Ryabushka" is used in the form of a briquette, which is a complete feed, it is placed in the place of feeding the bird for free access. For a week, per 10 chickens, one briquette weighing 2.5 kg is laid.

Granulated feed "Ryabushka" is fed to poultry from 4 months starting from 80 g per 1 head. Gradually, the dose is increased, and at the age of 20 weeks, they give 130 g of feed per day, dividing it into two doses.

The availability of water freely available for chickens is a prerequisite for the use of dry feed.

Side effects and contraindications

Subject to the rules of using "Ryabushka" side effects are not observed. This is due to the naturalness of the components included in it. The composition does not contain hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants, GMOs. But you need to remember about a number of nuances:

  • use the additive only for poultry (chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, turkeys, geese, quails);
  • follow clear instructions when determining the dosage;
  • monitor the presence of clean water in the drinkers;
  • cannot be combined with other vitamin supplements.

Farmers and owners of personal subsidiary plots did not identify any cases of side effects. Poultry meat and eggs can be used without fear and restrictions.

Storage conditions

Since Ryabushka is a natural preparation, it has its own shelf life and requires the necessary conditions for this.

The storage area should be cool, protected from direct sunlight, and well ventilated. Excessive humidity in the room is not allowed. The optimum storage temperature is 25 ⁰С, humidity is no more than 75%.

Prohibited location next to additives of chemicals and drugs.

The shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

According to the reviews of farmers, "Ryabushka" for chickens helps to strengthen the health of the bird, to increase its egg production. Chickens are born stronger, more viable, the mortality rate of young animals is much lower.

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