Instructions for the use of Confidelin and the composition of the insecticide, consumption rates

Instructions for the use of Confidelin and the composition of the insecticide, consumption rates

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Insect pests cause significant damage to crops and reduce the volume of the harvested crop. To get rid of this problem, farmers who grow vegetables for sale and owners of summer cottages are using insecticides. "Confidelin" has an impressive list of advantages, so it is often preferred when choosing a remedy against pests of cultivated plants.

Composition and form of release of the drug "Confidelin"

The main active ingredient of the contact action insecticide is imidaclopyrid. This substance belongs to the chemical class of neonicotinoids. One liter of the drug contains 200 grams of active substance. The component has a detrimental effect on such pests as the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, thrips and whitefly.

"Confidelin" is produced in the form of a concentrate of an aqueous suspension, packaged in ampoules with a volume of 1 ml, and plastic bottles with a volume of 10 ml.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any protective chemical, Confidelin has its positive and negative sides.

long period of protective action - about 2 weeks;

resistance to atmospheric precipitation;

slight danger to humans and animals (subject to the recommended dosage);

immunity to sunlight and high air temperature (the active component does not decompose);

subject to the rules of use, the absence of phytotoxicity and harm to crops;

preservation of their working qualities in conditions of high humidity, therefore, copes with pests in greenhouses;

effectiveness against several types of pests;

lack of addiction of insects to the active substance;

speed of action - the first signs of the effect of the drug are noticeable after a few hours.

Of the disadvantages of an insecticidal chemical, only the fact that it is very dangerous for bees is isolated, therefore, treatments are carried out at a distance of 4-5 km from apiaries.

Purpose and mechanism of action of the agent

The preparation of contact action is designed to protect plantings of potatoes, tomatoes and other cultivated plants from harmful insects and their larvae that eat the tops. Use "Confidelin" to kill the Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, thrips and aphids.

The active ingredient of the insecticide penetrates into the digestive system of the pest along with the green mass that it eats. The effect of the chemical causes perforation of the walls of the stomach and intestines. As a result, insects stop gnawing foliage, become lethargic, weakened and eventually die. In addition, the active ingredient has a negative effect on the nervous system of insects, leading to paralysis. Within 1 to 3 days, the pests completely die.

How to use an insecticide correctly

To achieve this goal and kill harmful insects that destroy the planting of cultivated plants, it is necessary to correctly calculate the dosage of the insecticide and carry out the treatment according to the instructions for use.

For spraying different crops, you need your own consumption rate of the drug:

  1. To treat the beds with potatoes, use one 1 ml ampoule for 5 liters of clean water. To spray a hectare of plantings, you will need 25 liters of such a solution.
  2. When processing greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, 5 ml of contact insecticide is used, dissolving it in 10 liters of liquid. This amount of working solution is quite enough for spraying plantings on an area of ​​100 square meters.

Treatments of cultivated plants from insect pests are carried out at any stage of the growing season, when the need arose. Although the active component of the insecticide is not afraid of exposure, spraying is best done in clear and dry weather, in the morning or evening. It is important that the wind speed on the day of work does not exceed 2 m / s, otherwise the working solution will get to other beds or water bodies. The air temperature recommended by the instruction is not higher than 15 degrees Celsius.

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The working fluid is filled into the sprayer and the plants are treated, making sure that the liquid gets onto the entire green mass. The remaining working solution must not be poured into water bodies or onto the ground.

Safety engineering

When working with any chemical substance, you must follow basic safety rules:

  1. They put on protective overalls or a work gown, and tie a headscarf on their head.
  2. To prevent the inhalation of insecticide vapors, use a mask or respirator.
  3. At the end of the work, they wash their face with soap and take a shower to remove accidentally trapped drops of solution.
  4. All clothes are washed and hung outside for airing.
  5. Do not eat, drink or smoke while spraying.
  6. If the working solution gets into the mouth, they drink activated charcoal and go to a nearby medical facility. If irritation occurs on the skin, wash it with plenty of water and take an antihistamine.

If simple recommendations are followed, plants will be processed without harm to human health.

Compatibility with other pesticides

According to the instructions for use, the joint use of Confidelin with other insecticidal preparations is prohibited. However, the use of the chemical in tank mixtures with fungicidal agents is permitted.

Storage rules

Subject to the storage conditions, the shelf life of the contact insecticide is 3 years. Keep the chemical in a utility room that small children and pets do not have access to. It should be dry and dark in there. The recommended temperature is no higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Drug analogs

In the absence of "Confidelin" on sale, it is replaced with another drug with a similar effect on pests. It is recommended to replace the insecticide with such analogs as "Commander", "Tanrek" or "Prestige".

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