Why the rabbit does not want to let the rabbit in, possible reasons and what to do

Why the rabbit does not want to let the rabbit in, possible reasons and what to do

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Many inexperienced farmers are wondering: why exactly does the rabbit keep the rabbit out? This problem is quite common and can be associated with a number of factors. These include diseases of the reproductive system, improper housing conditions, the age of the female. Also, the reason may be pregnancy or incomplete recovery of the rabbit after the previous birth.


If the rabbit does not want to mate, one can suspect the development of various pathologies. In general, animals that suffer from diseases are discarded early. Sometimes, however, females suddenly develop rashes. It is also possible that discharge from the genitals or the development of their swelling develop. The main reason why the female is not covered is pain in the genital loop. Such a female is not used for mating. She needs to examine the microflora of secretions or determine infection with infectious pathologies. It is important to bear in mind that rabbits who have had mastitis are also not used for mating.

To identify a sick pet, you need to pay attention to its condition. The main symptoms of genital pathologies include the following:

  • general weakness;
  • deterioration in appetite;
  • insufficiently active lifestyle;
  • hyperemia of the loop;
  • swelling of the loop;
  • the appearance of discharge from the genitals.

If these symptoms appear, you need to consult a veterinarian or postpone mating. In any case, it is necessary to immediately proceed with the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Before mating, be sure to check the male. Inflammation and frostbite cause serious discomfort in the animal. In such a situation, the rabbit will not cover the rabbit or show any interest in her.

Common reasons for refusing to mate include the following violations:

  1. Obesity. The presence of excess weight disrupts physical and sexual activity. Therefore, it is worth making changes to the rabbit's diet. A couple of weeks before mating, it is recommended to exclude the use of concentrated feed mixtures.
  2. Inflammatory lesions of the genitals. This violation causes serious discomfort. Frostbite is accompanied by similar symptoms. If mating does not work out, you need to carefully examine the rabbit and, if necessary, choose a treatment.
  3. Infection with parasites. Lice or ticks in animals provoke a loss of sex drive. Ticks cause itching and irritation, causing severe discomfort in the male. To identify parasites, you should pay attention to wounds on the surface of the skin, the appearance of hyperemia and swelling. As the situation worsens, blisters form. They burst, after which scabs appear. Also, ticks can infect the ears, which can cause serious problems and even cause death. The affected rabbit should be isolated and therapy initiated. In this case, the cell and all the devices in it should be disinfected.
  4. The appearance of injuries on the legs. Such a violation occurs when there is a net or damp straw bedding on the floor. In this case, rabbits can be injured and lose interest in females. To avoid these problems, it is important to inspect the litter systematically.
  5. Fatigue. Too frequent mating can cause the rabbit to lose strength. In such a situation, it is best to let him rest in another cage.

External conditions

If the females are not covered, it is worth reviewing their conditions of detention. In narrow and uncomfortable cages, one should not expect full mating of animals. To fix this problem, you need to move pets to spacious cages. You can also transplant them to a new room. To get offspring, it is imperative to ensure normal climatic conditions. In the summertime, high temperatures interfere with normal hunting. Therefore, it is recommended to systematically ventilate the aviary and monitor the temperature parameters.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

When raising rabbits outdoors, create a shaded area where the animals can rest from the sun and cool off. It is imperative to provide water in the drinking bowls. It should be cool.

When the temperature rises in the aviary, the female loses interest in mating. Instinctively, she feels that pregnancy is going to be difficult. Also, animals cannot reproduce at low temperatures. Moreover, many breeds are resistant to cold. However, drafts negatively affect all animals. The lack of light also weakens the sex drive of rabbits. A rodent's cage should certainly be equipped with artificial lighting when there is a lack of natural light. In winter, the amount of light should be increased.

I don't like the role

Rabbits are distinguished by their exactingness in choosing a partner. At a young age, they are considered less selective. At the same time, it is never too late for them to find a partner.

Bunnies are characterized by pickiness and are careful about the choice of the male rabbit. Mating will not work without desire. If the rabbit does not like it, the female bites him, runs away, hides. If the bunnies do not want to mate, the rabbit should be removed and offered only after a day. If the female still does not allow the rabbit to approach her, it is better to pick up another male.

To achieve contact, it is recommended to control the preferences of pets. If females are housed nearby, they can become friends. Likewise, males who live in the same territory are often friends with each other. However, during the mating season, fights often occur between them.

Lack of nutrition

A deficiency of useful elements and vitamins provokes hormonal imbalance and dysfunction of the genital organs. To stimulate hunting, before mating, it is worth introducing vitamin E into the female's feed. In addition, it is necessary to add mineral mixtures and control the quality of the feed.

Poor nutrition negatively affects the condition of the animal. The rabbit is experiencing a shortage of food and understands that bearing and feeding animals will be difficult. Therefore, she refuses to mate.

In summer, animals should definitely be given fresh grass. It is also recommended to give them a lot of vegetables and fruits. In winter, the diet can be made more varied with vitamins and minerals, which activate the growth of the animal and contribute to the saturation of its body.

Overfeeding negatively affects the sexual development of rabbits. If the female is overweight, you need to make adjustments to her diet and evaluate the parameters of the body. It is important that they meet breed standards.

Didn't recover from the previous round

Sometimes farmers, already a couple of days after the last rounding, plant the male with the female. When mated too often, mating usually does not happen.

Already after 2-3 roundings, the female greatly weakens. At the same time, she simply does not allow males to mate. Also, mating will have to be postponed when the female has a large litter.


Females do not hunt if they are already pregnant. Rabbits actively refuse to mate. At the same time, typical behavior is characteristic of animals. The rabbit can fight and bite. She makes sounds like moans. If the farmer notices such symptoms, mating should be abandoned, since the female is highly likely to be pregnant.

Old age and molting

If the rabbit is old enough, there is a decline in her sexual function. Most often, the female does not walk after 3 years. In such a situation, the lack of hunting is considered completely natural. The female is simply not going to mate. Do not mate during seasonal moulting. In this case, the animal's body weakens, which leads to a deterioration in sexual desire. It is not recommended to expect offspring at this time.

When changing wool, it is worth waiting for the end of the shedding. After that, give the female another 2 days to restore the body. Only after that is the crawl allowed to come to her. The rabbit can avoid mating for various reasons. These include all kinds of pathologies, old age, molting period. Also, the provoking factors are often violations of conditions of detention and an unbalanced diet. It is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian to determine the exact cause of the problem.

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